Sinus Cycle

The Sinus Cycle is an ongoing exploration between the contemporary cultures of comic books and
animated video. The scenes evolve around three archetypes in a dark city. Each character is
locked in his/her own harsh environment, desperate fore some sort of escapism. Whether
through violence, spirituality or dreams. The animations are shown in different parts on different
projection screens.

These spatial constructions of industrial sound and animated images create an island of hypnosis.
The spectator, choosing his own timing and focus, becomes himself a wanderer within this
abstract, ironical reflection of the popular medium.

Sinus 2 – The Memory Machine – 2014

Sinus 1 – Prologue – 2013


Black Space – 2011

A short stop-motionfilm around a black cyborg-alien. After an attempt to make contact with the spectator, the innocent creature gets torn by fear and panic. Even the spectator becomes a victim of this violent act.


Enoch – 2010

From torn pieces of cloth, sand and washed trash rises a grubby world. A creature lives here…. Randomly placed by it’s creator, this fake-individual tries to fill in an existence of madness and violence. In a lonely workshop he is building something. Suddenly the machine rises and drags the protagonist to an inevitable destiny…


Agent TAX – 2009

A cold blood shooting with beurocracy. Using different images from comics and cartoons, a new, surreal 2D collage is formed.


Hightlights of older videoworks.


Cyborg Scheme – 2009

Evil plots of a mad scientist are stopped as his technology slowly begins to fail. An exploration of different video techniques.


Femmebots – 2008

Experimental animation on men’s fictional reflections and pulp-culture.


Deathmachinery – 2005

Deathmachinery brings you the last supper of a stranger dressed in white. When does the self cease in death? When does the new self begin? The concept is a poetic extrapolation upon the classic suspense era and drawn from Dutch poet Daniel Dee.